Moisture Retention or Curly Hair Detention

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Moisture Retention or Curly Hair Detention!

Just in case you missed the memo or brisk Chicago winds winter is upon us. Winter can be brutal for those with truly naturally curly hair (or natural hair) especially the kinkier the hair. Further the kinkier the hair the more likely it is to be drier. Think of it this way it’s quicker to travel in straight-line moisture works in the same regard. It’s easier for the scalp’s natural oils to travel down a straight strand of hair. You may also see your hair as having less sheen if it’s on the tighter side of the curl spectrum. Please do not get me wrong just because one has kinky hair doesn’t mean they cannot maintain moisture or sheen. It may take more work, which means trial and error, but this is how we learn to balance our lives in general. Now back to the moisture….

I’ve included a few tips to aid you in launching your experiment with moisture balancing regimes. Water both in the body and in the hair is a good thing. When spraying your hair with water for moisture retention seal with oils and or butters. When washings out your conditioner use cold water. Cold water opens the pores – healthy hair growth begins with the scalp.


Your products should contain water however the level of water will vary continent upon the way you like to style your hair and if the hair is tightly coiled versus loosely coiled. My hair is tightly coiled and responds best to creamy texture products such as butters versus more water base products such as gellys.

Keep in mind my hair is color treated and has been bleached therefore I must keep my hair moisturized or it will be on the ground like the winter snow. Please note moisture retention routines vary what works for one does not work for all. This is not a ploy it’s reality we are all born of unique qualities and where better does this show than in our tresses. While we are not defined by our hair but it has a defining role in our lives. Here’s a sample moisture routine from shampoo (which I typically perform once per month).

1. Pre-Poo: Hairveda Vitika Frosting while hair is in puff for no less than 1 day
2. Shampoo: Mop Top Gentle Shampoo
3. Deep Condition: Obia’s Babassu Deep Conditioner
4. Apply Oil: Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor oil and seal with …
5. Leave-In Conditioner: MopTop Daily Conditioner
6. Styling Product: Obia’s Twist Whip Butter

Moisture helps the hair feel and look better. Further moisture retention plays a role in growth retention. You may find it helpful to note that added moisture and shrinkage go hand and hand. If you do not stretch your twist-out with heat you can stretch an old twist-out both in time and length by applying a styling product with less moisture. A great product for such a purpose is Kurlebelle’s Kurl Defining Cream. It’s quickly become a customer fav for its ability to moisturize and define both on wet and dry hair.

Can I achieve moisture retention which fewer steps? More than likely but remember my hair is color treated so I must be cautious to ensure optimal moisture retention. I may even twist with oil and leave-in to refresh midday.

And y’all know I will not keep you hanging here’s a short form moisture retention regime (no shampoo).

1. Deep Condition: Obia’s Babassu Deep Conditioner (wash out with cold water)
2. Apply Oil: Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor oil and seal with…
3. Styling and Hydrating Product: Kurlebelle Kurl Defining Cream

Failure to maintain moisture will land you in styling detention. You might end up in the house every Friday night while your friends are out flat twisting your hair or curl clumping (styling suggested to help maintain moisture).

You can survive the winter but be cautious of everything that touches your hair from the clothing you wear to the accessories you use on your hair. Sleep with a satin oversized bonnet and or satin pillowcase. You may even need to add a humidifier to your bedroom.

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