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truly Natural Boutique’s Interview with @iikandii88


Southern Curly Belles workout and they don’t even have to leave their homes to do it.                  Checkout our interview with Fitness Guru and Instagram Mogul Kandiss Sigler (Kandi). She just recently launched her Krew Camp in Louisville, KY. So lets get fit Louisville and ‘iikandii88’ will motivate you as to why.


I met @iikandii88 or Kandiss Sigler “Kandi” through Instagram. I had been following her for at least two years before ever making any contact. She wore Louisville paraphernalia so I felt at home when I scrolled through her post. Her natural hair was black beautiful and curly. There was absolutely nothing that would make me come to her on my time-line and un-follow her. She posted pictures of her fitness journey and I was going through my fitness journey. Her spirit bleed through in each post; she didn’t deny her spirituality and shared it. It was Kandi who made the cut we of Instagram trainers; I resonated so well with Kandi through the iphone screen. Little did I know my natural hair journey would lead me to Instagram fitness mogul @iikandii who I am proud to call my fellow #SouthernCurlyBelle. The University of Louisville brought Kandi to Kentucky. And she doesn’t answer calls during games. LOL


Kandi and I sat across the table at brunch and coffee and discussed everything. She was just so down to earth and enlightening. I am so happy that our natural walks have lead us to cross paths. The first time we spoke on the phone we talked for two (2) hours and I literally could not take a bathroom break. Each word exchanged by Kandi and I was like an instance of clarity and my spirit danced from her motivating words. I could tell she was a natural born leader and it is reflected in her results. She lost over 50 LBS by working out in her own living room.


Honestly words cannot describe how moving our first conversation was. It moved me more than the chocolate cookie I had eaten before we talked from Please & Thank You. While this cookie was fabulous this conversation fed a part of me that had been deprived and devoid of nourishment. Kandi is more than a fitness guru she is truly a motivating force to lead you on your fitness journey. Kandi’s motto “It is so true that the BEST PROJECT YOU’LL EVER WORK ON IS YOU!”


Read our interview with @iikandii88 below.


  1. When did you begin your natural hair journey? Or have you always been natural?


Ok I completely forgot our first conversation was long. You better believe I took several bathroom breaks being that I drink a gallon of water a day. Whew my bladder holds for no one. HAHA hashtag FitLife.


My hair journey started sometime in 2010. It was totally by accident though! I used to always go to my hometown (Columbus, OH) to get my hair done but I was so busy with school and work that I just stopped going home. My relaxer started growing out. Oh my gosh, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! But I will tell you, it was the best decision I made for my hair. Shout out to my MANE!


  1. When did you begin your fitness journey?


Towards the end of 2012. I really got serious in 2013. A few months in, it definitely became a lifestyle as opposed to a journey. No longer waking up feeling like it was chore. I mean it was really part of my daily routine, same as getting up for work or school.


  1. How did your natural hair journey and fitness journey collide? And who won? LOL


Haaaa! I was one of those girls who would style my hair every 2-3 days. I was all about some definition from bantu knot outs and twist outs but I when my fitness kicked it, I was really sweating out my hair..which was fine. Back then I was about that bun life so we just swooped it up and kept it moving. So during this time, I took it up another level with fitness but I was missing my blow outs and flat irons but there was no way in the world my hair was going to hold up. Boom next thing you know I had to choose and fitness won and that’s when I started protective styling.


  1. You lost over 50 LBS in your own home which is amazing. Why did you elect to train at home versus the gym?


Thank you ma’am :). I still smile when I hear that, it was so hard but definitely worth it. Haha, I laugh because I always get tags from people on my IG confirming whether or not this is true because they heard it somewhere. Yes ma’am sure did, right at home. You know, it’s hard enough accepting the fact that something has to change which more than likely will take you out of your comfort zone. I was already uncomfortable within myself plus I had enough tools at home to give it a shot. Not to mention with work and school I was extremely busy so with the at home method, I had absolutely no excuses!


  1. Could you please discuss your current role as a trainer?


I am wellness trainer, my role is to lead and empower others to work towards whatever goals they may have in life so not just on the physical fitness end.  I’m all about a healthy and fit mind while transforming the body. I’m an online trainer (by the way which is so fun!) and I also do personal and group training here In Louisville as well.


  1. We hear that you’ve begun Krew Camp training. What is Kandi’s Krew and how does one benefit from Krew Camp versus Boot Camp?


Yes! So excited and nervous at the same time. Group training is something new that I’ve added, I think it will be awesome to sweat and connect with others. Kandi’s Krew, it’s a group of women of all ages from all over the world! We all have physical fitness goals but the one thing we seem to all have in common is a desire for personal growth. They aren’t just my clients, it’s my Krew because WE are in this together. Well let me just be honest, when I hear boot camp I always think of the military–real intense. That can sometimes be intimidating, but believe me when I say we will be putting in work at Krew Camp.


  1. Please share about where you hold your Krew Camp and the relative cost per person? How can our readers connect with you and join the Krew?


Krew Camp will be held downtown at Waterfront Park. I offer 4 classes a week and they only $10 per class.


To join the Krew (Camps, Personal and Online training)

Follow me:

Instagram- @iikandii88

Facebook- Kontrol Lifestyle & Fitness, LLC


Contact information:


(502) 233-8845

Kandiss Sigler’s Bio

Kandiss is on a mission to empower and inspire others to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Her passion for health, fitness, and wellness began when she officially started her journey late 2012. With many of the instant gratifications that are out there today, Kandiss believes in a more holistic approach by exercising the mind & body. ! No Shortcuts, secrets, or surgeries and all of her training is done without the gym. She loves training outdoors but there is nothing like her home gym! Her gym is her living room as Kandiss uses minimal to no equipment or even items around the house that she can put to use for great workouts: Step stools, brooms, and even water jugs! !


Over the years she has fallen in love with her process and journey that she has been able to share her story of how she has lost over 50 pounds and how this lifestyle has molded her into becoming the best version of herself. Kandiss is now putting her passion to work by inspiring and helping others to take control of their lives. Whether it’s through social media, personal or online training Kandiss will challenge you to not only work hard but enjoy life and remain humble.


Kandi is our Big Hats & Bow-Ties Affair co-host and will lead a fitness demonstration that will leave you inspired. Purchase your tickets to the Big Hats & Bow-Ties Affair via Eventbrite. Early Bird Curly Belle VIP Tickets are currently on sale for $15 and include brunch, swag bag, and drinks. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/big-hats-bow-ties-affair-presented-by-southern-curly-belles-brunch-tickets-16367643061


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