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The double edge life of the flat-twist is that you can either have the most defined curls of your life or have the driest dullest looking curls ever. So… how do you know if your time will be wasted and/ or if your feelings will be hurt? Great question, you can achieve a more defined flat twist set by twisting as close as possible to your scalp which to me requires an extra 2 hands… so that I don’t have to use my own. lol Having said this, you might want to consider employing your stylist of choice to avoid flat twist frustration. My stylist of choice was Ms. Ashley Carter of The Mahogany Salon in Louisville. The first time I saw Ashley was from the audience at Bates Memorial Baptist Church in Louisville, KY as she sang with the choir. Ashley’s truly natural styles had been calling to me from the choir for months. She stood there teasing me with her amazing tresses.


Two things I love about Ashley Carter and The Mahogany Salon. 1) Ashley is a perfectionist she is going to ensure that you leave with your style of choice which begins with researching the style. Prior to booking my appointment (which she did at the last-minute and during the Easter rush) she asked me for a picture of the style. After receiving the picture of the style she dissected it and told me that the hair was blown out prior to styling and the hair appeared to be long based on the roller size used, etc. This analysis left me impressed and confident in her craft. Not only was the hair blown out before styling the young lady in photo has waist length hair; and 2)  Ashley has great customer service. I cannot express the value of customer service as the memory of the service last far longer than the style. The salon staff are friendly and professional.

The first time we attempted the style we blew my tresses out and twisted with different products (as compared to those used in the pics) with the style base as a foam. My hair was washed, conditioned, and steamed. However, my hair was left dry and lifeless. It should be noted that flat twist on kinky hair can be a challenge. You should work with your stylist if you understand your product mix.  Moreover, truly Natural Boutique is here to help you understand your product mix to achieve the best natural styles possible.

My hair was redone the next day with different products with a gel/ foam style base. Also, we did not blow dry the hair and we used the Q-Redew steamer to steam and detangle. Kinky hair can be tricky and down right mean at times. You have to really work with her and know your products. With the right products even the most stubborn hair can be made to bend at your will. Do not be discouraged when looking at women with curlier hair than you just understand you can achieve a similar look with the right product mix.

To prep my hair for my visit to Ms. Ashley Carter of The Mahogany Salon I used Aubrey’s GPD (Glycogen Protein Balancing) Conditioner. We washed out the conditioner with Mop Top Gentle Shampoo followed by Camille Rose Allege Renew Deep Conditioner which I used to both detangle my tresses and to steam my curls. For styling or flat twisting we used two products: Jessicurl Spiralicious and Jane Carter Wrap And Roll Twist Out foam.



The Method: The second time around we did not twist to the ends instead we wrapped the un-twisted hair onto orange rods. While I was not happy about getting under the hair dryer I was elated with the results. Although, the hair dryer gave me flashbacks of having a relaxer it got the job done. The combination of products left my hair luxuriously soft and shiny in spite of the dryer. Ashley pulled the twist apart and finished the style using Jane Carter Nourish and Shine and Free Your Mane Restorative Oil.

Ashley and I were both pleased with the results of the flat twist out. As a reminder, we didn’t twist all the way down. The remainder of my tresses were wrapped around orange perm rods and the hair was styled wet (not blown out/ dry). You may find many naturals style their hair on dry elongated hair for more length. However, what works for one doesn’t work for all so we encourage trial and error as it is the best way to slay.

Please consider visiting Ashley at The Mahogany Salon for you next natural style or maintenance trim. Visit The Mahogany Salon on FaceBook or call (502) 895-0123 to book today.

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