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At truly Natural Boutique Hair Products + Accessories we embody the spirit of the everyday natural. What does this mean? This means we at truly Natural embrace natural products and seek to make them accessible. We strive to provide products that allow customers to achieve their best possible results. With this said, in an effort to assist our customers in maximizing the use of their products we are providing Curl Coaching complimentary for a limited time.  You deserve to truly love your natural styles.


With your purchase of $40 or more in truly Natural products qualifies you for a complimentary 30 minute Curl Coaching season. The maximum coaching session is 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you wish to purchase Curl Coaching sessions at $25 per hour to discuss non truly Natural products please contact us at

We help you create healthy curls at home. Discover yours truly. 


What is Curl Coaching?

Curl Coaching can best be described as personal training to aid you in taming your textured tresses. Furthermore aiding you to achieve your healthy hair goals and accomplish the best styles possible. This allows the coachee to receive the best value from their purchase and extend the use of their purchase.  


What Can I Expect From Curl Coaching?

This professional will connect you with local beauty resources to provide hands on service. We at truly Natural Boutique extend product knowledge to help you achieve the best possible curls at home. We pair you methods and styles so that you can spend you time styling. Using our Curl Profile Card we identify your unique texture as well as issues causing your curls concerns. Curl Coaching is great for mothers of teens going natural.


Who provides Curl Coaching Consultations?

Curl Coaching is provided by a truly Natural Boutique non-licensed professional. To this end, a Curl Coach is not a stylist. (We do not provides hands on service.)  


Where is Curl Coaching Provided?

Curl Coaching is provided via email or other virtual means unless otherwise agreed in writing with client. Limited services will be provided at truly Natural Boutique events held in Louisville, KY. 


Is Curl Coaching Provided for non truly Natural Products?

Yes, Curl Coaching is provided for non truly Natural Products for a fee.

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