Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil Now Available in Louisville, KY


It is with great pleasure that we reintroduce Thirsty Roots ™ Apricot Castor Oil for relaxed and natural hair. According to the manufacturer Thirsty Roots penetrates to lock in moisture from root to tip. Transitioners love this product as it helps them to coat the new growth and chemically treated tresses aiding against dryness where the two different textures meet and are more prone to breaking off. Further this product works for any texture includes relaxed. This beautifully scented extremely moisturizing oil is our Top Selling Oil.


We invite you to learn of the many benefits of using this oil over time. This superb oil easily join your top five staple products.  


Please allow us to use this opportunity to dive into what the product consist of. It is a conditioning product consisting of two nut seed oils. Apricot and Castor, these oils work to fortify the hair and scalp. Apricot Oil consist of fatty acid and vitamins A, C, and E. These properties are known to aid in restoration of softness and shine, as well as treat dry or damaged hair.  Castor Oil has been used for hundreds of years because of its ability to infiltrate the skin and hair more so than many other carrier oils. Further its cold pressed castor properties aid in soothing of the scalp and helps to seal in moisture. In short, the oil will help restore your hair and provide shine and moisture.


The benefits includes removing toxins and promoting growth to name a few. You can review the many benefits as listed by the manufacturer of Thirsty Roots below.


  1. Softer Hair
  2. Longer Hair
  3. Thicker Hair
  4. Stronger Hair
  5. Treats Dandruff
  6. Seal In Moisture
  7. Softer New Growth
  8. Reduce Hair Breakage
  9. Stimulate Hair Growth
  10. AMAZING Shine for Hair
  11. Works on Natural Tresses
  12. Dissolves Product Build Up
  13. Grow Back Edges & Hairline
  14. Helps with the Nape of Hair
  15. Smooth Edges without Using Gels
  16. 3-6 Month Post Relaxer Softness
  17. Works on Chemically Treated Hair


One bottle of Thirsty Roots can last up to 60 days. Order here or contact us at to order in Louisville, KY.

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