Product Recommendation – Bobeam Stimulate Condish

Product Recommendation – Bobeam Stimulate Condish

Once upon a time when I was on top of my natural hair game like a Kentucky Derby jockey on top of his stead. I would blend my own pre-poo weekly. I would stock my house with essential oils (EO) and carrier oils. Utilizing both my kitchen and bathroom to produce my final product. But these days I don’t have the time there isn’t enough time in the day or night.  Yet I can rest assured in the superb solution offered by Bobeam’s Stimulate Condition. Bobeam’s Stimulate Condition is a dynamic product that not only pre-poos the hair it detangles and conditions as well. You can even use it as a leave-in. This amazingly versatile product allows you to cut the need for multiple products. So it’s the perfect addition to the budgetnista’s hair care arsenal.

The product allows you to detangle kinky hair (or 4c hair) with ease essentially working on all hair types. It has amazing slip! For example, 4c hair in a puff can be detangled with the aid of a wide tooth comb, section first.

The wonderful scent is an added bonus. It’s peppermint scent is therapeutic. Further peppermint is an antiseptic clearing the scalp of bacteria. Moreover, leading to hair growth.

To pre-poo I prefer to beginning with an oil, Thirsty Roots apricot castor oil, to intensify the moisture. (You can also use a separate container and add oil and Bobeam Stimulate Condish mixing the contents together.) Follow by sectioning your hair and applying the conditioner to each section while finger detangling your hair. My hair is on the tighter end of the curly kinky spectrum. With this said, I finger detangle followed by combing each section too (with a wide tooth comb) and twisting to remove tangles and prevent tangles. Learn more about the benefits of pre-poo here:

To deep condition try the following: combine with a Hair Therapy Wrap; use a Q-Redew to Deep Condition; or apply a plastic cap for 30-40 mins.


Water, BTMS, Cetyl Alcohol, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Alma Oil, African Wild Honey, Oat Powder, Horsetail Powder, Panthenol, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Honeyquat 50, Peppermint EO, Natural Preservative.

Lets Talk Ingredients:

We all know what H2O is, Water.  Cetyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol otherwise referred to as a good alcohol. Avocado Oil is rich in both vitamin A and E. Olive Oil has a myriad of benefits from moisture to hair loss prevention. Alma Oil is said to prevent hair fall. As respect to African Wild Honey, it is a moisturizer and conditioner. Oat Powder is said to thicken hair. Horsetail Powder is good for dandruff, promotes hair growth, and works to condition hair. Panthenol is a derivative of Vitamin B5 and is found in such products as Pantene.  Meadowfoam Seed Oil is a lightly scented oil extracted from the seeds of the meadow foam plant. It is lightweight with great slip and conditions hair while adding shine. Honeyquat 50 is a natural derivative of honey and conditions hair. Peppermint essential oil helps to sooth the scalp and relieve dandruff further aiding in hair growth.

Stimulate your hair and scalp with this lightly peppermint scented multi-use product packed with nourishing natural ingredients. This product is hand-made and labeled with love. It comes in an 4 oz jar.  While we don’t make this product we have used it multiple times and adore it! Moreover, the owner has a long-standing reputation for wonderful products with great reviews.

We are truly Natural Boutique Hair Products & Accessories curated hair care and accessories for all hair types and budgets. Shop Serving nature’s beauties by serving nature’s finest.

Stay tuned for our latest Louisville, KY Pop Up Shop location. Shop email us at for further product recommendations based upon your unique curl pattern. We care about your natural hair.

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